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Checking In with Atlanta Wellness Guru Elizabeth Morrison

The woman behind The Fit Atlanta talks wellness, workouts and what to watch on Netflix.


Morrison at The Fit Atlanta’s Yoga in the Sky event hosted on the helipad at Colony Square 


If you’re plugged into Atlanta’s wellness scene, you’ve probably noticed this brunette bombshell frequenting the city’s healthiest hot spots. Her name is Elizabeth Morrison (Liz to those that know her well), and she’s the muscle behind The Fit Atlanta, a wellness social club aimed at simplifying the fitness and wellness industry.

Morrison, a former fitness competitor and athlete, says she started The Fit Atlanta on Instagram as a way for fellow Atlantans to try new classes, build relationships, and get familiar with the fitness and wellness options the city has to offer. Since 2014, the community has evolved to include a website with its own user-curated blog. “We’ve had people contribute articles about how to be vegan in the South, best places to hike in Georgia, spray tanning tips, how to sleep better and even a humor piece about athleisure,” says Morrison. “I think having stories contributed by our community makes our platform special.”

The Fit Atlanta also recently introduced its membership model, which gives locals access to exclusive deals at favorites like STAT Wellness, Spray Studio, Perspire Sauna Studio and more.

As for Morrison, it’s not all business and boot camp: “I love to relax by the pool with a fresh margarita, hang out with friends and family, and watch movies and Dateline with my husband.” And while she’s excited to build the momentum behind The Fit Atlanta, she loves a good Netflix series just as much as the rest of us: “I can’t wait for season three of Ozark to come out on Netflix this year, so that’s on my horizon.” Pass the popcorn and green juice, please! @lizashleyatl; @thefitatlanta