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  Women contain multitudes, as the saying (sort of) goes, and phenomenal women contain more than most. Ask Meena Harris,... More»


  The bustling city wakes. Fog curls over the landscape. Unsuspecting commuters drive or BART to work, blearily clutching cups... More»


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When a friend recently gave birth to a baby girl, the name she’d been keeping secret from the world finally became public: Avery. And... More»


The hectic part of the morning is nearly over for Lauren Gunderson as she finally sits down at the dining table. She’s just seen her... More»


  Editor's note: This story was first published without giving Veritas a chance to respond but we have since updated the article. We regret... More»


On October 4, 2013, Suleman Masood, a 20-year-old employee at a Safeway in Mountain View, quietly approached his coworker Javier Zaragoza... More»


Bennet Omalu is not a man who seeks out controversy. He’s been known to flee it, in fact. But it has a way of finding him. ... More»