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Good News, Ducks! The Foie Gras Ban Is Back

Good news for your livers, too. 


In California, marijuana is legal, but foie gras is not.

We’re not sure what that says about us, but it’s now a fact. A three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling Friday morning that means the state of California is now free to enforce a 2004 law banning the sale of foie gras. 

The law had been on hold after a district court overturned the ban in 2015 that found that the state law illegally conflicted with federal law.

But the Appeals Court disagreed, writing in its decision, “Nothing in the federal law or its implementing regulations limits a state’s ability to regulate the types of poultry that may be sold for human consumption.” The ban will remain on hold until the appeals process is concluded, however, meaning that foie gras will still be on menus for the time being.

Whether or not the ingredient—made from the engorged livers of ducks or geese that have been force fed—is “for assholes” remains an open question. (Maybe avocado toast, instead?)

We have heard it makes for quite a $27 cocktail, though you'd probably have to be an asshole to drink one.


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