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Outtakes: Exhibitionists

3/23/12, 8:26 P.M. 
Jean Paul Gaultier joins muse Dita Von Teese at the de Young's La Grande Fête, the opening gala for "The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk."


3/22/12 and 3/23/12: Two soirees for Jean Paul Gaultier
Lace and copious amounts of skin were on display at the Fine Arts Museums’ private dinner held at Ken Fulk’s design studio and again at La Grande Fête. 

Left: 3/23/12, 8:58 P.M.
A model dressed in Jean Paul Gaultier’s handiwork at La Grande Fête.

Left: 3/22/12, 5:53 P.M.
Yurie Pascarella in Chanel at Ken Fulk. 

Right: 6:11 P.M.
OJ Shansby in Chanel at Ken Fulk.

(Both, Laura Morton for Drew Altizer)

Left: 7:18 P.M.
Carol Bonnie in Nina Ricci at Ken Fulk.

Right: 11:09 P.M.
Juliet de Baubigny in Balenciaga at Ken Fulk.


10:32 P.M.
Dede Wilsey in Chanel poses with bare-chested revelers Ronnie Waite (left) and Adam Musgrave inside Ken Fulk’s Peep Show gallery.

Left: 9:11 P.M.
Farida Khelfa in Jean Paul Gaultier at Ken Fulk. (Laura Morton for Drew Altizer)

Right: 6:54 P.M.
Suzy Kellems Dominik in vintage Jacques Fath at Ken Fulk. (Drew Altizer)

Left: 6:42 P.M.
Christine Suppes in Jean Paul Gaultier at Ken Fulk.

Right: 7:36 P.M.
Dr. Carolyn Chang in Jean Yu at Ken Fulk.

(Both, Laura Morton for Drew Altizer)

3/10/12 Mid-Winter Gala
Guests decked in vibrant colors or classic black turned heads at the Legion of Honor’s exhibition “The Cult of Beauty: The Victorian Avant-Garde, 1860–1900,” during the Junior Committee’s benefit gala.

Left: 9:11 P.M.
Weeks after his company's IPO, Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman toasts fellow guests to kick off dinner. (Laura Morton for Drew Altizer)

Left: 7:04 P.M.
Kathryn Lasater in Angel Sanchez.

Right: 8:21 P.M.
Sloan Barnett in Chanel.

(Both, Laura Morton for Drew Altizer)

Left: 8:35 P.M.
Katie Traina in Versace. (Laura Morton for Drew Altizer)

Right: 8:04 P.M.
Alexis Traina in Chanel. (Drew Altizer)


Left: 7:39 P.M.

Marissa Mayer in Marchesa. 

Right: 7:49 P.M.
Vanessa Getty in Chanel.

(Both, Laura Morton for Drew Altizer)

From left:

7:31 P.M.

Sobia Shaikh in Prabal Gurung. (Laura Morton for Drew Altizer)

7:00 P.M.

Allison Speer in Chanel. (Drew Altizer)

9:55 P.M.

Heidi Castelein in Roksanda Ilincic. (Laura Morton for Drew Altizer)

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Shortly after board president Dede Wilsey welcomed director John Buchanan to the Herzog & de Meuron–designed de Young Museum in 2006, San Franciscans found themselves in the thick of the international fashion scene. Some were ambivalent, others were thrilled, a few muttered and moved on. Though Buchanan passed away in December, the de Young is filled with another masterful style exhibition that he helped bring to the museum—the work of couturier Jean Paul Gaultier—and locals are basking in the global spotlight once again. Gaultier, ever the provocateur, brought Dita Von Teese to the opening gala and to a party held by the Fine Arts Museums at Ken Fulk’s Seventh Street gallery, aptly named Peep Show. “The Parisian cliché of the elegant woman doesn’t exist anymore,” said Gaultier. “But when I saw Dita, it was a shock. She makes it all look alive and modern.” And so did throngs of fans in gowns by Gaultier throughout the exhibition’s opening festivities. Weeks earlier, at the Mid-Winter Gala, dresses from another famed French design house, Chanel, turned up en masse. About his exhibition, Gaultier said, “You can make clothes speak in a certain way,” and this month the city’s fashion demimonde answered back.