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Peter Thiel's Venture Fund Is Backing a Gay Coworking Space in the Mission

And reactions are going about as well to it as you would expect. 

A rendering of the exterior of Yass 


Peter Thiel may have withdrawn his name from nomination to the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board, but the controversial investor is still keeping busy, today by his firm investing in a queer coworking space planned for the Mission titled Yass.

Reported the Guardian: “A venture capital firm co-founded by Thiel, a gay conservative who donated $1.25m to Donald Trump and joined the president’s transition team, is the sole investor behind Yass, described as a “headquarters and hangout for a new generation of queer people.”

Yass’s CEO Brian Tran insisted that Thiel was not involved with the project, “which he said was being funded by Cyan Banister, another partner at Thiel’s firm Founders Fund.” But that didn’t stop former San Francisco Supervisor David Campos, a gay Latino who previously represented the Mission before being termed out of office in 2016 from putting the project on blast. “We don’t need a space that is tainted by the hate of Donald Trump,” he said.

The coworking space, scheduled to open in the spring has not yet announced its exact location (although if you look at the picture, the sign says Dearborn on it, which narrows it down quite a lot), but it expects to charge members an average of $150 a month for access to space and events.

To be quite honest, the project doesn’t seem like Thiel. Not because the reclusive PayPal founder has a famously complicated relationship with publicity surrounding his sexuality, but because the whole thing sounds like little more than a 1 to n extension of previously established spaces like WeWork, Workshop Cafe, or The Battery Club. And if there’s one thing Peter Thiel doesn’t like, it’s copying somebody else’s idea.


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