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Side Hustles of the Rich and Famous

East Bay celebs are nothing if not hardworking—at least judging by the number of them with second jobs. Here, a breakdown of the biggest names’ supplemental income sources.


Editor’s Note: This is one of many stories San Francisco is publishing over the next month as part of the June 2018 East Bay Issue. To read stories as they become available online, click here.

Mike Dirnt

Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe, Emeryville and Oakland
The biz: Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt’s diner walks the line between retro kitsch and sincerity—much like a certain multiplatinum pop-punk outfit.
Signature product: The Shakin’ Jesse, a punk rock milkshake made with espresso and Guiness.
Target clientele: ’90s kids coming home from Gilman.
Celeb sighting potential (in their own words): “’Cause you know where I’ll be found / When I come around.” (Pretty often!)

Carlos Santana
Maria Maria, Walnut Creek and Danville
The biz: Carlos Santana’s entrée into suburban margarita slinging.
Signature product: The Supernatural burrito (topped with tomatillo-pasilla sauce).
Target clientele: Black magic women—and divorced dads.
Celeb sighting potential (in their own words): “You got me runnin’ and hidin’ all over town." (Wrong town: He lives in Vegas.)

Marshawn Lynch
Beast Mode, Oakland
The biz: Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch’s Town-centric athletic gear emporium.
Signature product: Football field boxer briefs
Target clientele: The Black Hole meets Lower Bottoms.
Celeb sighting potential (in their own words): “I’m just ’bout that action, boss.” (Often seen manning the till.)

Mistah F.A.B.
Dope Era, Oakland
The biz: Hyphy-era rapper Mistah F.A.B.’s stuntin’, shinin’, flamboastin’ streetwear boutique.
Signature product: Black Panthered–out "Oakanda Forever" black hoodie.
Target clientele: The hyphy-will-never-die crowd.
Celeb sighting potential (in their own words): “Bay game, Bay slang, it’s a Bay thang.” (Frequently.)

John Madden
The Rose Hotel, Pleasanton 
The biz: NFL lifer John Madden’s charming 38-room Pleasanton Inn.
Signature product: Turducken dinner. (Just kidding. Although that feels like a missed opportunity.)
Target clientele: Business-class travelers who are afraid to fly; football video game enthusiasts.
Celeb sighting potential (in their own words): “Self-praise is for losers.” (Not much.)

Billie Joe Armstrong
Broken Guitars, Oakland
The biz: The Green Day frontman's hand-curated Oakland musical instrument shop.
Signature product: A 1965 Baldwin "Baby Bison" electric guitar.
Target clientele: Billie Joe’s two guitar-playing sons.
Celeb sighting potential (in their own words): “It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right.” (Sometimes.)


Originally published in the June issue of San Francisco

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